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Sales Re-engineering

Is your sales process optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness?

Are you measuring and tracking the right metrics to identify areas for improvement?

Looking to maximize your sales process?

Is there arises a need to empower your sales team?


Samagra introduces the Sales Re-engineering program designed to tackle the unique challenges in your sales process and optimize it for maximum efficiency and

effectiveness. Our program empowers you to achieve your organisation’s sales goals through proven methodologies and

strategies, thereby helping you to elevate your sales game and drive growth for your business.

Our one-day training program enabling you on the


  • Learn 8 steps of Sales process

  • steps of handling objections in sales

  • To Identify 15 buying signals in the process of sales

  • Practically make it possible to close a sales deal

  • Describing 13 different types of closing

  • 10 strategies for sales excellence

  • Communicate properly during sales

  • Practically implement important sales KPI’s (metrics)

  • Be an Excellent salesperson


Sales Re-engineering

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At the heart of sales lies Revenue Generation!

Sales are an indispensable component of any organisation,

serving as a critical driver of growth and profitability.

‘Transform the way you sell and create a customer

experience that drives loyalty with our expert training’

A well-crafted sales process begins with identifying high quality customers, addressing their needs, engaging them, and adding value at every touch point to create a warm and lasting relationship. It’s all about creating memorable experiences that turn customers into loyal brand advocates who will sing your praises to others.

Also, the process ensures that customers feel heard, understood, and valued throughout their interactions with your organization.

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