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SPACE is a growth-oriented, premium, collaborative learning global community of entrepreneurs

Samagra PACE i.e SPACE popularly known as is one of the Flagship Products from Samagra progressive learning solutions is one of its kind exclusive entrepreneur community.

Currently, entrepreneurs from 10 Cr to 2200 Cr are a part of this community spread over 9 countries across the world. As an extension of our journey to amplify the wisdom and knowledge of SPACE and its esteemed members, we launched our new batch SPACE V2 in 2024.

"SPACE is a Bridge between Conventional Business and New Age Business and has a balanced approach to integrate the Best of both works"- Madhu Bhaskaran

Why SPACE? - 5 Reasons

  • To develop Growth Thinking

  • To create Collaborative Learning

  • To create Global Perspective in Business

  • To learn continuously

  • To create an ethical and 'People First' organization

What You Will Get in 1 Year for SPACE 5.0 Members
(SPACE 5.0 - Entitlements)

  • Full day Offline Business Training in March at Kochi & Dubai

  • Offline Core Team Training at Kochi and Dubai (Spacer+2 core team members)

  • A 5 Days Trip in June (Cost not inclusive of membership)

  • Full day Offline Business Training in June at Tour location

  • Full day program for Family (Spacer and Spouse only) in August at Kochi

  • Residential Annual program in a 5 Star Hotel in December at Kochi

  • A new App for Spacers

  • Every Wednesday 7pm (IST) Zoom Online sessions (Recordings available in App)

  • STG (Space Trust Group) for Execution Support and Review

  • Best Entrepreneur Award and Best STG Award - 1 lakh cash awards for each

  • SPACE = Total 50+ Learning Interventions in 1 Year.

SPACE learning methodology

SPACE encourages and nurtures an in-depth learning environment, through weekly study sessions curated as per the requirements of the customers, purely a challenge based approach that encourages the entrepreneur to focus on growth- oriented activities. We provide a hybrid learning approach that includes both online and offline classes.

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