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Business 360

Business 360 – The complete Business Solution

Business 360 is a complete business solution for all your business needs.
It is a hybrid digital course, providing both video classes and online live interactive sessions to clarify your doubts.


Covering 13 Important Pillars in Business

  • Entrepreneurs Mindset

  • Business idea/ Market Research

  • Business Plan and model

  • Foundation- Core purpose and values, strategy

  • Marketing

  • Sales management

  • Customer service

  • HR and People management

  • System and Process

  • Operational efficiency

  • Finance

  • Growth to next Level

  • Core team training

  • Are you drained by your business’ Daily operations?

  • Is it difficult to manage your Employees?

  •  Are you struggling to handle your Finances?

  •  Does growth seem like a distant Dream?

Our 28+ hours of training program is designed to address all your concerns and provide effective guidance to all classes of entrepreneurs to yield huge profits, run business on remote controlled mode, and advance to the next level of growth.

What you get

  • Workshop Mode - video sessions+ Monthly Once Live Webinar to clarify your doubts( 6 sessions)

  • 19 tools & templates to implement the learnings easily

  • 12 Digital hand-outs in Malayalam & English for all sessions

  • 1 Extra Program for Core team development

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