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Starter Business 360- A Way to Professional Entrepreneurship!

Transform your business with a touch of professionalism in six days!

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who has recently ventured into the world of business and seeks guidance in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship? Our comprehensive 6 DAYS (happening every MONDAY) Online program is tailored to equip budding entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to drive their ventures to unprecedented success.

Who can participate: Budding and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

What is Starter Business 360?

Starter Business 360 transcends a mere course; it serves as a meticulously crafted roadmap to business excellence and over the span of 6 DAYS (every Monday), participants will immerse themselves in a comprehensive exploration of the six fundamental pillars of business:

1. Entrepreneur Development

2. Marketing

3. Sales

4. Operational Efficiency

5. Human Resources       

6. Finance



Allowing you to master the possibilities of marketing through innovative marketing techniques, choosing proper marketing mediums, and reaching targeted audiences effectively.

Entrepreneur Development

Starter Business 360 allows you to cultivate themindset, skills and strategies for entrepreneurial success, thus helping entrepreneurs to navigate their challenges and seize opportunities in the business landscape.



Acquire expertise in closing deals, building enduring customer relationships, and maximizing sales revenue. This component emphasizes effective communication, negotiation skills, and customer-centric approaches to drive sales success and achieve sustainable business growth.

Sales and Marketing ReBorn

Allowing entrepreneurs to achieve operational excellence through optimizing business operations, streamlining processes, and making their business system-driven.


Human Resources

Understand the role of Human capital in business success, and learn to build and nurture a high-performing team. It starts with talent acquisition, employee engagement, and managing their performance thereby fostering a positive work culture to identify the maximum potential of your workforce.


Participants will learn to make sound financial decisions, manage cash flow effectively, and allocate resources efficiently to drive business growth and profitability.

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